GROW Jamestown

GROW Jamestown is a community-wide partnership to promote gardening, community food security, landscaping, and other greening activities throughout Jamestown. Collectively, these efforts promote neighborhood beautification and revitalization, healthy lifestyles, civic engagement, and the productive reuse of vacant lots and underutilized spaces.


Community Gardens

Focused on building community through the power of growing, the GROW Community Gardens are open to individuals and community organizations for seasonal planting. All gardeners have the opportunity to learn from one another, as well as participate in educational opportunities focused on best gardening practices, composting and community food security.

Available at a low-cost, plots are open from April-October. Gardeners from beginner to expert are welcome!

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GROW Jamestown Garden Fair

The GROW Jamestown Garden Fair provides access to a wide range of workshops, exhibits, lectures and other educational opportunities that deliver information about gardening and neighborhood revitalization and the role these play in generating strong communities.

Hosted the last Saturday in March, this event offers a chance for local businesses and organizations to participate and share their gardening/food system related goods and services.