Community Gardens

The GROW Community Gardens open April 15 and are open to individuals and community groups. The gardens and related programs create opportunities to get more involved in our food system.

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Community Garden Plots


Plots at the Community Gardens, located along Lakeview & Sixth Street and Washington & Eighth Street, are available for rent to individual community members and groups.

Those interested in renting a plot can submit a request:

Information on the Community Garden Policies and Code of Conduct can be found: Community Garden Polices and Code of Conduct

Community members interested in being a 'Garden Leader' can apply here:

Community Compost Program

Each community garden is also home to community compost piles. These composts are managed by community gardeners.

Individuals can join our 'Community Compost Program' in collaboration with Clearwater Creek Compost, opens in June. For a programmatic fee, individuals receive food grade buckets they can use to dispose of their weekly food waste. These buckets are then dropped off at the Jamestown Public Market information tent in exchange for a clean bucket. The program lasts the length of the farmers' market season. All food waste is disposed of in the community compost piles or Clearwater Creek's compost. Individuals participating in the program will receive compost dirt as it is prepared, perfect for raised beds and flower pots! Email us for more information.

Great June Seedling Giveaway

Every June, the Jamestown Public Market offers seedlings donated by area nurseries to the wider community. These seedlings vary from vegetable, herb, to flower seedlings and are perfect for planting in raised beds. Seedlings are first come, first serve and free to the general public. Donations are encouraged to assist in ongoing program costs associated with the community gardens.





The Community Gardens were started in 2012 on vacant lots in the City of Jamestown. The gardens are on land privately owned by community members supporting the program.

There are two gardens available for community members to rent plots:

-Lakeview Ave & Sixth Street.: 19 beds

-Washington Ave & Eighth Street: 13 beds

The original purpose of the community gardens, funded in a partnership between Jamestown Renaissance Corporation and the Chautauqua County Health Network, was to illustrate to our community the importance of practicing sustainable growing initiatives. Currently, the community gardens embody the Jamestown Public Market's mission of furthering our city's food system.

Since 2012, the Community Garden Program has assisted in establishing gardens at Jamestown Community College on Curtis Street and by Northside PRIDE at the corner of Grant and E. Eighth streets. All three Jamestown Public Schools District middle schools have also established gardens and Jamestown High School has created a “The Garden of Weedin’ Club.”